June 30, 2015

Pics from Palm Beach

photos by Rachel Chevell

Finally able to check Palm Beach off of my bucket list but that won't keep me from becoming a frequent visitor. This place is beyond stunning and so incredibly peaceful. Rachel and I went straight to the Boathouse for lunch as soon as we arrived. I've been following the restaurant on Instagram for quite a while, even before I moved to Australia. I can now confidently say that it is even more beautiful in person than it is on your phone. 

Here are a bunch of the outtakes from our day, but there are many more to come! xx

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June 18, 2015

In Bed With Tribetats

tribetats // 30% off with code TRIBEOFCOLBY

I happen to really love amazing tattoos on other people but have never been able to commit to any myself. The idea of something being on my body FOREVER really scares me. Temporary tats have been perfect for this issue because now I get to test out tattoo ideas and if I don't like them I can just rub them off!

These TribeTats are perfect if you're like me and change up your style often. Also if you're headed to any festival or the beach the metallic looks amazing on the skin. I've now found myself in a Tribe Tat obsession and have been pasting these things all over my body! 

May 31, 2015


Here's the film series my friend Jason shot of me while hanging around this insanely cute and cozy cafe in Darlinghurst called Bootsdarling. This was our first time here, and the people were so kind and the coffee was beyond amazing. Sydney has such an incredible cafe culture but this little gem definitely stood out from the rest. Jason and I were immediately drawn to the bright green bricks outside, as well as the mix of wood, ferns, and lights on the inside. After our coffees we headed out onto the streets to capture how incredible the Sydney trees look this time of year. I'll be posting more from our adventures that day soon! Stay tuned. xx

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