April 20, 2014

Ryan's Lei Stand

wearing: Sam & Lavi shorts, Basta bathing suit, Cocobelle Antonella sandal
photos by Donna Zitomer @donnazee 

The best part about road tripping is stumbling onto the little things that give the town or city its character. This little lei house just off to the side of the road in Kona stood with a couple of leis and a little box labeled "$4.00". With no one in site to guard the little lei house, I naturally thought about the outcome of this situation if it were in NYC. We laughed because it definitely wouldn't be as peaceful as this. Anyway, I bought a lei, shot some pics, and then my cousin and I went on our merry way to catch an incredible hawaiian sunset.


April 14, 2014

On The Rocks

wearing: OnePiece onesie

Ah, Hawaii. Welcome to one of the small beaches along the coast of Kona, where I've been doing a lot of exploring. It's been a wonderful trip so far, and while I have more posts coming this one holds something a little more special, hint it's a prize!

I've been jumping into this OnePiece onesie and watching the sunset in Hawaii for the past couple of days. The sunset itself is a big deal here, and being comfortable while looking tremendously cute is also a plus. I'm really excited to have both this short OnePiece and a full long-sleeve version in my possession. This one happens to be perfect for Kona adventures, and lucky for you guys you now have the chance to win your very own!

Enter the contest with Fashiolista HERE, and good luck!

"This post was created in collaboration with OnePiece and Fashiolista Agency."


March 27, 2014

Chill Spots

wearing: john ruvin & co sunnies, mixology stores, LF jeans, nike

You know Spring is around the corner when you're able to comfortably sit outside on the front stoop. Wearing my new John Ruvin sunnies for the first time and loving them. They arrived right on time for my next trip which I'm excited to share will be LA then Hawaii!! I will be doing away with all this sweater nonsense but these sunnies will 100% be coming along for the ride. I can't wait!